Wellness Program

They're here! All new Wellness Program classes!

Rocky Mountain Therapy is now offering new classes under our Wellness Program. Below is a list of these classes and a description. If you have questions feel free to contact Kira.

• Parkinson’s Movement Class- The Art of Moving:- FREE

This is a class that combines yoga, tai chi, and vocal exercises for those who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. You will learn a new lesson each week and they will continue to build on each lesson until all ten lessons are complete then repeat. Care partners are welcome to come!

Classes begin Sept 8th and will be Thursdays at noon

• PWR! Moves Class – FREE

This is a cardio class that ups the coordination and exercise factor

There are certain criteria to participate in this class safely

This is a great class for individuals with Parkinson’s looking for a challenge in a controlled environment

Ask Kira if this class would be appropriate for you!

• Abdominal Conditioning – (30 minutes long, cost $3/class):

Anyone can take this class so long as they can safely get down to the ground on their own.

Items you’ll need are athletic clothing and a yoga mat

Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15-5:45pm

• Meditation –(45 minutes, cost $5)

This is a class that leads you thru three types of meditation techniques

Items you’ll need include comfortable clothing, and a yoga mat

Classes are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month

• Open Gym hours – (The cost is $30 per month)

From 8am-5 pm Monday thru Friday anyone (past patients, current patients, and anyone else) can utilize the equipment in the gym at any time during those hours with the understanding that patients being treated at that time get first use of the equipment.

• Personal Training:

Individuals who would like to work out with a personal trainer can contact Kira Johnson about rates and available times